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Interview to Royals magazine

“It is not done by me, it happened in me.”
Saint Augustine
(4th century)

Omar Chkhaidze, an artist, an innovator, was born in 1944 in the country of Georgia, in the mountains of ancient Colchis. He graduated from the Art school in Tbilisi, and later, the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. He created a new direction in fine arts – Light-figurative painting. He is the author of a number of discoveries and inventions in philosophy and science.

Evgueny Larin, editor-in-chief of Royals magazine, interviewed Omar Chkhaidze:
Omar, Slava Lyon, a philosopher, wrote about you: “…Remarkably, the artist and thinker Omar Chkhaidze was receptive to afflatus when he was very young, in the 1960s. And he was more than merely ready for it. Light became his most important subject. It was a very different Light to that of the impressionists. He painted White Light, his own White Light. He created his own ontological picture of the world: “Ascension” (1966), “Touch” (1967), “On the way” (1969). … In 2013 he creates the painting “Out into Light”, steps out into transcendental zero and paints only Light, the Light of the Universe.”

What do you say to that?

What can I say? Slava is my friend. He knows my art very well. Besides, he has a good understanding of human nature and art.

Your creative activity is diverse. What is the place of painting in your work?

Art, in particular painting, has never been an end in itself for me, it has always been a means of expressing the afflatus.

I believe, everyone, especially a creative man, must be educated and trained in many ways. Limited unilateral knowledge is not enough on any path we are taking. It is impossible to exist in two orthogonal spaces: secular and sacred, only with the knowledge of art, philosophy and science, without the doctrines of esotericism, occultism and mysticism. Without such knowledge, it is impossible to transfer the information received from the metaphysical, “sacred”, space into human consciousness. All my efforts were focused on the cognition and awareness of the unknown.

You are the author of a new direction in art - Light-figurative painting. Can you explain what kind of style it is?

Light-figurative painting is a continuation of impressionism. But unlike Claude Monet who would say: "I've always been inspired by sunlight", I can say, that I'm inspired by the Light of the Universe. Back in 1960s, I began to paint Light as a painting object, and since 2000 Light has become the main subject of my art. Hence the name of the style – Light-figurative painting. This is particularly evident in the last period of my work: “Substance”, “The Universal Light vibration”, TheUniverse”, “Ether”, and others. 

I see, Ether occupies an important place both, in your art and in your inventions.

As Nicola Tesla used to say: “Light is everything”, so can I say: “Ether is everything”, since Ether is a gravitation (lat. gravitas – gravity) and levitation (lat. levitas – lightness) substance of Light and Darkness, Soul and Matter. It is not by chance that Mendeleev has made Ether the main element of his periodic table.

Three millennia ago, the bushmen living in Southern Africa, in the Dragon ntains, being in a trane drew bright dots pulsating bubbles. Yes, it was Ether, the beginning of everything, an overarching Universal Substance. It is a living thing of mind and matter. Ether is the entire Universe, “the thinnest all-pervasive matter”, as Aristotle called it. 

In recent years all my efforts were aimed at showing the fusion, the interconnection of the sphere of the Universal Substance – Ether pulsating bubbles – with the eternal voice of space I hear all the time. And the idea finally came true. I managed to create on the canvas a multidimensional space using Light, color, style and technique. That’s how the “Substance – Ether” series of paintings   appeared. 

Your sphere of activity is not only confined to painting. You are the author of a number of discoveries and inventions in art, philosophy and science. You say, all your inventions continue and develop what has been done before you.

Saint Augustine said: “It is not done by me, it happened in me”. That’s what I could say about myself.

The awareness of the information from the spherical being of Xenophanes (6th century BC) to noosphere of Le Roy (biosphere – the sphere of life – Eduard Suess, 1875; antroposphere – the sphere of man, Dmitry Anuchin, 1902; noosphere – the sphere of mind – Edouard Le Roy, 1927, and others) enabled me to expand the sphere of the planet concept up to the infinity of the Universe.

I believe, the Universe has been created from a single  substance, which Xenophanes called the spherical being. This globular all-embracing universal sphere has two aspects: Light and Darkness. I suggest referring to them as luxosphere (lat. lux – light) and tenebraesphere (lat. tenebrae – darkness). In my opinion, the unity and harmony of Light and Darkness of the Universe is the top stage of biosphere and noosphere evolution and the end-point of such evolution will be their fusion with luxosphere and tenebraesphere.   

The true nature of the Universe lies in unity and harmony of luxosphere and tenebraesphere, like in Yang and Yin (light and darkness), in jiva and ajiva (soul and matter). The sphere of the Universal Light and Darkness has no beginning, no end. The true face of Light is Darkness, while that of Darkness is Light. Their indivisibility and harmony are created by the world Ether – the gravitation and levitation substance of Light and Darkness, which generates an electromagnetic, wave field, keeping the Universe in its harmony and life in its eternity.

And what can you tell us about your inventions?

I have to say, I’m not a scientist, I don’t have an appropriate education. All my inventions are based on information I received during initiation, in other words, transition to another dimension.  And many of them, such as The Column of Light – 2012, The Ray of Light – 2012, The Sphere of Light – 2016, The Center of Light - 2016, Omar Cabin - the Column of Light - 2017 continue and develop what has been done by thinkers and scientists from Pythagoras to Reich, in particular: the Barrel of Diogenes of Sinope, the Mirror Room of Leonardo da Vinci, the Egg installation of Michele Nostradamus, the Wardenclyffe Tower of Nicola Tesla, and Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Chamber. 

I’m interested in your opinion of Leonardo’s Mirror Room and The Egg installation of Nostradamus, because your work is closely related to such developments.

The myths about what The Mirror Room of Leonardo da Vinci and The Egg installation of Michele Nostradamus were created for are not true. They say that   the artist needed this room for a multifaceted vision and full appreciation of the model, and the prophet used his installation for isolation. While in fact, the purpose of both installations was permutation, that is the change in the consciousness to receive information from above and restore the links between man and the Universe, interrupted dozens of generations ago. 

Could you give us more information about that?

Before the new era, and also in the first and second millennia of the new era esoteric cultural centers, as well as outstanding artists, philosophers, scientists, including Indian, Alexandrian and Christian mystics, were trying to restore these severed links between man and the Universe. It will take a long time to list those who have made a great contribution to the development and education of mankind by receiving information during initiation.

And what can you tell us about Nicola Tesla and Wilhelm Reich, whom you have mentioned several times?

Tesla, like Leonardo, came to the Earth on a great mission. He was a superhuman. His unique abilities were originally inherent to him, because geniuses are born   geniuses, not become. What he possessed is impossible to learn. All his inventions   were centuries ahead of his time.

Wilhelm Reich was a psychologist, psychoanalyst, inventor, author of the orgonic     energy hypothesis (lat. organismus – a living thing). He explored the energy of man and space, which he called the Orgone, made for man The Orgone Chamber, a unique healing installation, and much more. 

As far as I know, since 2012 you have been working with the Column of Light. In 2016 you did a project of the Center of Light architectural ensemble that in 2017 received the State Patent of the Russian Federation.

The information about The Column of Light with its shape and all dimensions was given to me in the 1960s, when I was 18. But the realization of the idea began in the 2000s, first in my paintings, later, in 2016, in the development of The Center of Light project. The Center consists of a cylindrical column and square columns around it, that symbolize and unite the four cardinal points: east, west, north, and south. Its precise structure contains the Universe’s code. 

The Column of Light occupies a central place in this ensemble. It is the Universe’s messenger for peace and protection of man and our planet. The Column of Light is   a conductor of the universal bioenergy of Light and Love that fills with it everything that exists. Ether creates in it an electromagnetic, quantum vibrational wave whose ether-dynamic energy flow spreads endlessly. The Column of Light generates a powerful protection field. Its electromagnetic wave radiation restores a bioenergy balance of Light and Darkness that purifies and heals all that exists on our planet. 

In the third millennium, a new era began on planet Earth – the era of Light and Love. Humanity is moving into a new development phase – the phase of Light. All my inventions are the Universal Light bearers. They serve for the benefit of man and for the protection of our planet from all sorts of cataclysms and environmental   catastrophes. They cannot be turned into tools of destruction, that is why I decided to visualize The Column of Light in seven different points of our planet. I marked these points on the globe, they are in Africa, South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and India. I would like to see real Columns of Light built on these sites. 

Albert Einstein wrote: “We are not ready to make “a love bomb” yet – a device powerful enough to destroy hatred, selfishness and greed – all that devastates our planet.” I think, The Column of Light is the love bomb, Einstein dreamed of. 

What exactly is a person in The Center of Light supposed to do?

Any person, sick or healthy, enters the ensemble from the side where he comes from: a man from the east enters through the eastern yellow column, a man from the south – through the southern green column, etc. He passes into the cylindrical column, stays there for a while in the white circle and comes out healed by the universal energy of Light.

The ensemble can also be used in wedding ceremonies to purify and harmonize the couple. In this case, the groom enters the ensemble from the west through the red column, the bride from the east through the yellow one. They meet in the center of the cylindrical column in the white circle, hug each other, and after a short time go south balanced and filled with the universal energy.
You said, you had recently built the healing device the Column of Light cabin and were going to build the Luxoscope measuring device. What could you tell us about them?

Following the inventors who gave to the world such devices as a microscope (Hans Jansen, 1590), a telescope (Galileo Galilei, 1609), a nooscope (Anton Vaino, 2011) in collaboration with scientists I intend to create a luxoscope, a device for measuring the Universal Light and Darkness harmony around and inside a human organism.

As for the Column of Light cabin, which is the equivalent of the Column of Light, its model was created in 2017 and the cabin itself was built in 2019. In my opinion, the cause of all human diseases is a bioenergy imbalance of the Universal Light and Darkness around and inside a human body. I offer two healing devices: the Luxosphere cabin and the Column of Light cabin. They create a bio-resonance between man and device that harmonizes Light and Darkness energy in all his organs and systems: osseous, muscle, and nervous (imagination, inspiration, intuition). Ether, the gravitation and levitation substance of the Universal Light and Darkness, creates in the cabin an electromagnetic, wave, vibratory field. It fills the cabin space and attracts an ether-dynamic flow of Light and Darkness energies. Its electromagnetic, wave radiation restores the bio-energetic balance and heals a human organism. The effect of the Luxosphere healing device on the living organism is similar to that of the Column of Light cabin. They differ only in shape.

What diseases can be cured in this cabin and how long does it take to heal?

Everything depends on the disease and the condition of the person, especially the child. The healing process in the Cabin lasts on average 4-8 weeks, every day 20-40 minutes. Its healing capacity is not limited. There are no such incurable diseases, including the most severe, that could not be healed in it, because the bio-resonance that is established between the person and the Cabin restores the healing bio-energetic balance. 

I wish to point out that no disease is more powerful than man’s will and his faith in healing. It all depends on what we choose – to be treated or to be cured. The first option leads to a lifelong dependence on pharmacology… If we choose healing, we choose Light and its healing powers! 

How ready are people to this kind of healing?

To be honest, may be a few people are ready today, but what’s important is that the Cabin is built and works to heal a man, regardless of his willingness. I’m not imposing my opinion on anyone, I’m not asking anyone to heal. But now that I’ve received this information, I think I have to record it for future generations, at least   for those who will come in a few centuries. Although, I believe, they won’t need any devices. They will be in direct contact with The Light of the Universe. 

Your work combines art, philosophy and science…

Well, that’s how it is, but without my intention. Leonardo da Vinci, Wolfgang Goethe, Hans-Georg Gadamer, and others tried to achieve such unity. I’m sure, only with Love, in the unity of art, philosophy and science can humanity accomplish its mission on our planet. Love is the key to everything, as is the harmony of gravitation and levitation, Light and Darkness. How beautiful life is… When will we learn to appreciate and love what we are given?! 

Omar, I got nothing to say. I wish you and all humanity success on the road to Light!

P.S. When we part with this man, I always feel that I’m charged with great energy that will stay with me. I think, the impact of Omar is similar to that of his Cabin.

Evgueny Larin,Editor-in-Chief of Royals magazine

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